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"Empowered Women Grow Communities"

UPAVIM’s mission: to support the women of La Esperanza in their fight for better economic, healthcare and educational opportunities for themselves, their families and their community.

Thank You for Your Support and Generosity

Although UPAVIM supports its school and daycare 100% through the sale of its crafts, our other programs rely on generous donations from people who believe in what we are doing and want to help. We gratefully accept donations and are extremely appreciative of any contributions to our programs. UPAVIM has received support from numerous churches, individuals, stores, non-profit organizations, and foundations since the cooperative began in 1988.

All donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.A.

The UPAVIM Community Development Foundation (UCDF) is a 501(C)(3) organization based in the United States. Part of our mission is to raise funds for the programs UPAVIM offers in Guatemala. UCDF is also currently raising money for construction of the 4th floor of UPAVIM’s second building, which will enable them to expand and improve their school and education program. All money received from donations, except a tiny amount used for stamps and envelopes to thank donors, goes directly to UPAVIM programs.

Thank you for your generous support.

UPAVIM’s fundraising needs at this time are:

Support Completion of the Annex Building

Our goal is to complete the 4th floor of our Annex. The children are extremely overcrowded in the school and it has become impossible for our teachers to use their alternative education methods properly due to lack of space. This is what makes our school unique in Guatemala and extremely successful so we feel a dire need to complete this last floor and ease up space in the building. It will not only add 3 more classrooms but in turn will enable us to increase the size of the library, make a computer lab and a much needed program for the elderly. We have raise half the money needed and need to raise $70,000 more to make all of this possible.

Support the English Program

By receiving high-quality, bilingual education, the children of La Esperanza will be better equipped to compete for employment in Guatemala’s increasingly global economy. The English Immersion Program not only broadens the future education and employment opportunities, but it also nearly doubles the number of hours students are in school, providing them with a nurturing environment away from the gang violence that is rampant on the streets of La Esperanza. When you make a donation to UPAVIM’s school, you are truly taking part in the transformation of this community.

NEW! Make a donation of $15 or greater to the English Program and we will mail you a set of eight full-color cards as a thank you gift. You will receive two of each of four designs featuring the children your donation supports. Select ENGLISH PROGRAM THANK YOU CARDS from the dropdown list on the donation form above.

Support for the Scholarship Program

For Primary School and Junior High students, the $54 Beca helps to cover the cost of their uniform, basic school supplies, and supplies for them to use at the UPAVIM tutoring center. All students are required to pass their classes to automatically receive this scholarship the following year. A committee of UPAVIMas evaluates the applications to determine which children in the community have the greatest need for the scholarships.

Suggested amounts:
  • 1 time payment of $54 for the year to sponsor 1 child
  • $4.50/month for one child
  • $9.00/month for 2 children
  • $13.50/month for 3 children

Support for the Library

US-based Child Aid has helped train a woman in the cooperative named Viviana Ortiz who quickly embraced her role as librarian and transformed the small space into a vibrant community library. The library has grown and gotten better every year. It will move into a larger space once the 4th floor annex is complete. UPAVIM’s librarian is currently working part–time. With the expansion of the library, UPAVIM would like to hire her on full-time with health benefits. That would be an increase of $2500 for the 2014 budget. The library is run solely on donations.

Support for the Medical Clinic

UPAVIM’s clinic is in need of funding to cover the salaries of our doctor and nurse who without we would not have a clinic. It costs $800/ month for the 2 of them.

General Donations

To be used where most needed.

Travel Expenses

Board members and volunteers are responsible for any travel expenses they may incur, however donations of unused air miles are gratefully accepted.

For Donation FAQs, click here.