Free shipping on retail orders over $75


Application for a Wholesale UPAVIM Crafts Account

Wholesale prices are available only to approved retailers. UPAVIM recognizes merchants as a vital link in the chain of cooperation and support for the UPAVIM women, their families, and the communities in Guatemala. We always welcome new wholesale clients who want to add UPAVIM products to their existing line of merchandise.

Prospective and existing wholesale clients are invited to establish a Wholesale UPAVIM account online with us.  You must provide your tax id number for us to process your application fully. After we approve your account (within one business day), you will be able to order and receive wholesale pricing. Please know that we will not provide your information to anyone else.

- Existing Wholesale Clients
We request that you fill out the on-line application form also, as our on-line database is separate from our current account records.

- First Time Wholesale Clients
Minimum first time order: $125.00. First time customers must prepay by check or credit card.

- Billing
Once you have established credit terms with us, wholesale bills are due within 30 days of the billing date. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards are accepted, as well as checks.

- Shipping Costs
Wholesale orders are charged the exact cost of shipping for UPS ground or U.S. Mail

- Helpful Website Tips
When ordering, you may enter the product id code or any keyword  in the SEARCH bar to find the product easily.  The "View All Products" category lists all of our products in alphabetical order of the product id code.

NOTE: Many products contain color or size options on the product pages. Therefore, please be sure to use the dropdown selector or check boxes for selecting your color/size choices if these options is available. If a choice is not marked, we will have to assume you want assorted colors. Any special requests and details about your selections may be made in the comments section at the end of your order. And we're always happy to talk about your order on the phone.