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Terracotta Angelito w/ Pouch

Terracotta Angelito w/ Pouch

Product ID:MM01

These very popular Angelitos ("little angels") are reminders of the presence of angels in our lives. Each includes a card stating "We all have angels in our lives. This one is here to remind you of your angels ... " Each one is handmade in the Chenautla region of Guatemala and comes in its own colorful bag (available in assorted colors--let us choose for you!). Each unique Angelito is sold separately. A small loop is fired into the clay for hanging if you wish. Natural terracotta clay with color variations. This is a Fair Trade item. Perfect for the angels in your life, or to remind others of the angels in theirs.

  • 1 1/42"H x 1"W
  • Hand-molded, hand-fired Terracotta Clay
  • Sold Individually
  • Bag: 100% Cotton
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  • Our lovely terracotta pieces are made from the riverbed clay of the Chenautla area of Guatemala. Families sculpt each piece by hand, dry it in the sun, paint it with a red clay slip, polish it, and then finally fire it. The firing process involves placing the objects on a grate above a pine bark fire with a covering of grass for 2-3 hours. The occasional unique black spot can sometimes be found on the piece and is a tribute to this ancient firing process.

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